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Online Casino Bonuses

On the ‘World Wide Web’ there are a large number of unreliable parties that have a rather bad and unethical business conduct when running an online casino. Pay particular attention to the fact that there are many casinos that use manipulated software and do not even pay out winnings to their members. Worldwide there is a development to be observed in the online gaming industry. An online casino offers players the opportunity to experience the glamor and excitement of classic casinos from home. All you need is a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with a good internet connection. An account is quickly created and you can immediately start playing (with one of your Online Casino Bonuses) the most exciting casino games ranging from slot machines to real classic table games such as roulette and blackjack.

Real Money or just for Fun

You can choose to play for real money, with one of the Online Casino Bonuses, or simply for the ‘fun’. An alternative for those who do not have the time to visit a physical location. Internet casinos such as Lanadas Casino, Dealers Casino and Casino use games of chance software developed by companies specializing in software design. Examples of gaming software vendors include: Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Williams Interactive, NYX and Play ‘N Go. The software that these game developers use, at least the reliable and secure, are fair and certified.

There are many professional and independent test companies that regularly, on a random basis, subject games from different online casinos to a series of tests. Examples of such companies are: eCogra, iTech Labs, TST, MUMM, GLI and SQS. The Nmi, for example, is a test company located in the Netherlands. The basis for each game is the underlying algorithm that uses so-called ‘RNG’ (Random Number Generator). This ensures that casino games are safe, fair and above all random. We always advise you to pay attention to logos of such test companies. Such logos are usually shown at the bottom of the main page of the casino website.

Roque Casinos

Also check out to see if the casino where you want to open an account to play is not on the ‘blacklist’. A blacklist has been drawn up on the basis of years of information gathering about a specific online casino. The input comes mainly from players and their experiences. If, for example, there have been many complaints from players that have not been resolved properly, this may have resulted in an internet casino being included in the ‘blacklist’. This is usually not without reason.

It is therefore advisable to avoid ‘blacklisted’ (also known as ‘roque’) casinos! Despite the fact that internet casinos are similar to classic casinos, there are a number of important differences between the two. One can think of the various bonuses that players get when they choose to play at an online casino. In addition, players can fully concentrate on their game without being influenced or confused by other players. You are simply free of all chaos and pressure, for example the roulette tables at traditional casinos. It can be rather annoying if you have to wring between the other people to place your bet on the roulette table. Well, that does not bother you if you choose to play at an online gambling site.

Web-based and downloadable casinos

There are two types of internet casinos to distinguish, namely: ‘web-based casinos such as Betsson and download casinos. A ‘web-based’ casino offers players the possibility to play games such as Random Runner simply by logging into the website via the internet browser. At a download casino, on the other hand, the player first of all has to download and install the casino software (the actual game environment) in order to get started.

Bonuses in an online casino

One of the advantages of playing on an online site is the bonuses awarded to players. That is also one of the reasons why people choose to play online. It should be clear that a bonus increases your chances of winning or in other words gives you extra chances to win a nice amount. On the other hand, it is important to know that bonuses are linked to a number of conditions. An example of a bonus condition is the wagering requirement. More about this later. Note that everyone else thinks about casino bonuses. One person will only want to play with bonuses in order to increase the chance of winning a large sum and the other will not want to use bonuses at all because of the conditions attached to them. Let us first look at the different bonuses that exist.

There are a number of different types of online casino bonuses, see the list below:

  1. Welcome bonus
  2. Registration bonus
  3. No-Deposit Bonus
  4. Referral bonus
  5. Deposit bonus
  6. VIP bonus
  7. Periodic Bonus
  8. Free Spins (Free game rounds)
  9. Cashback

Welcome Bonus

The name speaks volumes in this case. Every player who registers for the first time at an internet casino can choose to claim the welcome bonus once. It should be noted that the welcome bonus only applies to the first deposit. Players can receive a bonus of 100% on the first deposit from most casino providers. Some online gambling sites even offer welcome bonuses varying between 100% and 300%.

The percentage indicates how much the player will receive as a bonus in proportion to the deposit. In addition to this percentage, there is a bonus value that is expressed in monetary amounts, for example €100 or €200.

Two examples for illustration.

Example 1: Casino A offers new players a welcome bonus of 100% up to €250. Player X chooses to register an account and then make a first deposit of €50. Player X will receive €100 in this case to try his luck.

Example 2: Casino B offers new players a welcome bonus of 200% up to €100. Player Y chooses to create an account and make a first deposit of €25. Player Y receives €75 in this case to play.

Also make sure that the welcome bonus is automatic or not. If necessary, ask the live helpdesk of the relevant provider. If a welcome bonus is automatic, the bonus will be credited to the player account immediately after the deposit. Players do not have to select the welcome bonus in that case. If the welcome bonus is not automatic, you will have to tick the bonus on the deposit page. If you prefer not to play with a welcome bonus and it is automatically added, you can have it removed via the live helpdesk.

Registration Bonus

Online Casino Bonuses: The registration bonus is similar to the welcome bonus on the understanding that there is still an important difference between the two types of bonuses. The registration bonus requires in 99% of cases no deposit as is the case with a welcome bonus. You can view it as a welcome gift from the provider to try out the casino or a specific game. A registration bonus usually consists of free game rounds or an ‘x’ amount of bonus. In case of free play rounds (‘free spins’) you will probably be able to play them on a particular game. This will usually be a slot machine such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest of Lights.

When it comes to a bonus amount, you as a new player can choose how you want to use the bonus, for example on a slot machine or on roulette or blackjack. It is important that a registration bonus is attached to certain conditions, as is the case with every type of bonus. For example, players who receive a registration bonus will have to comply with a certain betting condition (round playing condition). In addition, the amount that you can win and ultimately pay can usually be maximized. So always make sure that you read through bonus conditions before you take a certain bonus so that you are not surprised afterwards.

No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus that existing players get from the casino every so often. As with a registration bonus, no deposit is required for this. Hence the name ‘no-deposit’. You can view it as a bonus as a way of thanks for your membership. Players who have been members for longer and are loyal will usually receive higher and better bonuses. Here again, a no-deposit bonus is attached to certain conditions.

Refund Bonus

Many online casinos also use so-called referral bonuses. This means that an existing player is awarded a bonus if he places a new player, for example family members, friends and acquaintances, at the site. In most cases it is required that the deposited player actually makes a deposit. Note that this does not apply to all providers. Sometimes it is sufficient that the installed player creates an account. Furthermore, it can differ per provider what type of bonus you will get per player. Usually it is a casino bonus that can be used to place bets on all kinds of different games. You can also get an ‘x’ number of free rounds. In some cases you even get a certain amount of real money on your player account. Here again, bonuses or free rounds are linked to certain conditions.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is actually the same as a welcome bonus, but does not apply to the very first deposit, on the contrary, it is intended for subsequent deposits at the casino. It is usually referred to as a ‘reload bonus’ and is usually lower in terms of percentage and bonus value compared to a welcome bonus. Usually the percentage varies between 25% and 75% and in some cases it is 100%. This can vary per provider. The Online Casino Bonuses value lies in the lion’s share of the cases between €25 and €100.

Often the deposit bonus is available on a certain day or on the weekend. The percentage and bonus value may also be lower or higher depending on the amount you deposit. For example, if you want to deposit between €20 and €100, you could get 50% bonus on top of your own money. However, if you want to deposit more than €100, you could not receive a 50%, but a 75% or 100% bonus. As stated above, the percentages and values ​​can vary a lot from one provider to another, because they all apply a different policy with regard to awarding bonuses to their members.

VIP Bonus

This type of bonus is especially reserved for the more fanatical gamblers among us, the so-called ‘high-rollers’. The VIP bonus is therefore a type of bonus that online casinos award to the larger players. It is therefore primarily intended for the loyal and dedicated players with a well-filled wallet. VIP players can get huge bonuses, both when they deposit or simply as a gift. This does not mean, however, that these bonuses are not at all for the average player. With smaller amounts you can eventually also achieve certain VIP statuses.

However, it may take longer to qualify as a VIP player. VIP bonuses can also be predetermined and differ per VIP level. Some providers have an integrated VIP program with different levels. The higher your VIP level, the better the bonuses and other promotions will be. How you reach the different levels is also usually explained clearly on the website. For those who would like to receive VIP bonuses (one of the several Online Casino Bonuses), it is advisable to choose a casino that has such a program and especially not to change casinos too much. This way they can reach the highest level faster and make use of all the advantages that are attached to them.

Periodic Bonuses

Many casinos also use so-called periodic bonuses. In most cases, players receive a bonus on certain holidays or at the time of major events. Think for example of Christmas, New Year’s or Halloween bonuses. In addition, there are online casinos that annually award recurring bonuses to players who meet certain conditions. Finally, here too, this type of bonus is linked to a number of conditions.

Free Spins (Free Play Rounds)

Free spins have already been discussed several times. As said, players get an “x” number for free on a particular game or game of choice. Note that free rounds of play can be awarded with and without deposit. In case of a deposit you speak of ‘deposit free spins’. If no deposit is required, we speak of ‘no-deposit free spins’. In most cases, the total amount won with the free rounds as bonus will be added to the player account. Then it will also be associated with conditions of use. Sometimes, however, the winning amount is credited to your player account as real money, so it is not linked to round-playing conditions at all. It is advisable to always carefully read the conditions attached to free spins.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus means that certain players are refunded a percentage of lost funds. As a player you get a part of your money back when you lose and thus end up in the minus. In most cases, the cashback bonus is meant for VIP players who have been customers for a long time or are a high-roller. Some online casinos have a standard cashback promotion for all players. and PlayOJO are such online casinos that offer a continuous cashback promotion for everyone.

Furthermore, it is still good to take a look at two types of money-back promotions. With this we mean the fact that certain providers add the Cashback promotion as a bonus. Although it is advertised as a money-back promotion, players receive it as a bonus. In such cases, the bonus conditions apply and as a player you must unlock the bonus before you can have it paid out. We always advise you to read through the Online Casino Bonuses promotion page and conditions carefully so that you will not face any surprises. It should be noted that the cashback in most casinos online is still added as real money. The bonus variant is therefore more exception than rule.

Online Casino Bonuses: Bonus Conditions

Now that the different types of bonuses have been extensively discussed, we will take a look at a number of conditions that usually apply to Online Casino Bonuses at an internet casino. We will limit ourselves to three different bonus conditions, namely (i) the wagering requirements (playing conditions); (ii) contribute the percentage effort; and (iii) maximum deployment restrictions. These three conditions are the most important and therefore it is important to understand them well if you want to play with bonuses.

Wager Conditions

First of all, wager conditions apply to Online Casino Bonuses that are awarded. Players must meet a total bet if they use a bonus and want to convert it into real money and then pay it out. It should be clear that a bonus does not directly belong to players as real money and must therefore be unlocked. Below are two examples to clarify the most common round-playing conditions at internet casinos.

Online Casino Bonuses Example 1:

Casino A offers a welcome bonus to new players from 100% up to €100. The wagering requirement for the welcome bonus with this provider is 35 times the bonus amount. Player B creates an account and decides to use the welcome bonus. He makes a first deposit of €40. The player now has €40 in real money and €40 in bonus in his account. In order to convert the bonus into real money, player B has to place bets on various games of in total: 35 x €40 = €1300. At the moment that he has invested a total of €1300, his bonus and any winnings will be converted into real money. Now player B can choose to pay the total amount in his account.

Online Casino Bonuses Example 2:

Casino B offers a welcome bonus to new players of 200% up to €50. The wagering requirement for the welcome bonus at this casino is 20 times the bonus amount plus the deposited amount. Player A creates a new account and decides to use the welcome bonus. He makes a first deposit of €25. The player now has €25 in real money and €50 in bonus in his player account. In order to convert the bonus into real money, this player has to bet: 20 x (€25 + €50) = €1500 on various games. At the moment that he has wagered a total of €1500, his Online Casino Bonuses and any winnings will be converted into real money.

The Percentual Bets Contribution

This type of Online Casino Bonuses condition is closely in line with the round-playing conditions discussed above. The percentage contribution of the contribution refers to the percentage of the amount that is used by a player and counts, or in other words: is charged, in the round-playing conditions. Different games at online casinos all have a different contribution percentage. These can usually be found in the general conditions of the website. In most cases, betting on slot machines will be 100% competitive for the playing conditions. Table games and live games such as blackjack and roulette usually count for only 10%, sometimes even only 5%. This can vary per provider.

To provide more clarity, an example now follows.

Online Casino Bonuses: This example continues on Example 1 discussed above. Example 1 (continued): Player B had a total wagering requirement of €1,300 for his welcome bonus in this example. After his deposit, player B decides to try out a number of slot machines. He plays a total of 3 hours on all kinds of different online slots. For three hours he has placed a total of €900 in bets. Now suppose that casino A has a percentage contribution of 100% for all slot machines.

What does this mean?

This means that the player now only has to place €1300 – €900 (100%) = €400 in total bets before his bonus is converted into real money. Player B now switches to Live Roulette. He plays roulette for 1 hour and places a total of €1000 in bets. Suppose the casino uses 10% as betting input for table games such as blackjack and roulette. This means that the player now has to bet a total of: €400 – (10% of €1000) = €300 to free his bonus.

Maximum us limitation

Finally, there are maximum betting conditions for Online Casino Bonuses. Most casinos have a maximum bet limit of €5. The maximum bet only applies if there is an active bonus. In short, if a player has used a bonus, no more than €5 per round or turn may be used. It is very important to keep this condition, because in case of violation of this condition, the casino has the right to seize any winnings from players.

The Game Offer

An online casino offers a wide range of casino games. The casino games that can be found in a classic casino can also be played at most online providers.

For example, think of:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Slots
  • Punto Banco
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Scratch cards

Tournaments and other competitions

One of the nice extras of internet casinos are the so-called tournaments and / or slots competitions. Unlike in classical arcades, they offer all kinds of exciting game competitions on the internet that everyone can participate in with the aim of winning a part of the predetermined prize pool. Note that not all providers organize such competitions. One of the most famous of such competitions are the ‘Slot Tournaments’, also known as ‘Slot Races’. What it exactly means will be explained below.

Slot Races

In such games, the casino has selected certain online slots that all members can play. Usually it will only be one online slot machine that can be played. Sometimes, however, there are also a group of different vending machines that count towards the competition. In such a tournament, in most cases it is the intention to place as many bets as possible on the relevant slot machine(s). In addition, a so-called ‘leaderboard’ is kept. On the scoreboard, participating players can follow where they are at that moment. In addition, the website usually indicates how long the tournament lasts. For example, a whole day or an hour. During the running of the competition, all players can then take part in the prize pool. In addition, it is predetermined how you can earn points for the scoreboard.

Gain Points

Online Casino Bonuses: In most cases, the number of points that they generate is determined for different bets. For example, consider 1 point for a bet of €0.50, 2 points for betting €1, 3 points for betting €2 and so on. A different setup may also be where points are earned for certain winnings while playing the selected machine. An example for illustration. Suppose that after a ‘turn’ on the slot machine you win 10 times your bet. In that case you get 10 points for the race. If you get a win of 30 times your bet, for example, you would receive 50 points for the scoreboard. All players have a maximum number of races in such a race so that everyone remains honest. Whatever the stakes are, everyone who participates has a predetermined number of spins at stake and thus has to earn as many points as possible.