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Fruityreels casino is not like other casino’s. It’s slightly different because Fruityreels casino is for players who are searching for the real gambling feeling. Playing at Fruityreels casino is like playing at a real casino. At the website of Fruityreels casino you won’t see the exorbitant slots you see at other online casino’s. You just have the normal slots you would expect a casino to have. There are no 3D-videoslots or complicated bonus games. Some argue Fruityreels casino is too basic, but at this casino less is more. The basic slots and casino games are made perfectly and you won’t find any flaws whatsoever. You can compare Fruityreels casino with standard casino’s you’ll find in the nearest towns in your country.

When you go to these physical casino’s you’ll often get free coins or some other bonuses if you are considered to be a valued customer. Fruityreels casino does the same. They’ll give you a lot extra’s if you come often to their website. Loyal customers are valued customers and they’ll make sure that you notice when you are valued. Fruityreels is one of the best casino’s we have seen so far. The website doesn’t have all these excessive colours and pictures other casino’s have. The website has a dark lay-out and is mostly black.

The bonuses are more than awesome and the customer service is very kind and likeable. Money is transferred into your bank account very. It is always nice to have your money you won into your bank account within 48 hours. This page will give you general information about Fruityreels Casino. Down below you can learn everything about the bonuses Fruityreels casino has to offer. Definitely check it out!

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What more?

Fruityreels casino has not the most games to offer. Compared to other casino’s they have even less games then average. However, as already mentioned above; less is more. Fruityreels casino may have less games to offer, the games they are offering are from outstanding quality. Also the games are pretty unique and not every casino’s offers these games. In the most online casino’s the games are offered by MicroGaming of NetEnt, this is not the case for Fruityreels casino. The games at Fruityreels casino are made by Rocket Studios. Rocket Studios is an upcoming game maker and will be one of the biggest game makers in the near future. You’ll notice right away that the games are from an outstanding quality. Fruityreels casino offers 15 video slots, 12 classic slots and 8 play tables. At these slots and tables, you can play games like Baccarat, Blackjack and poker.

You can also play 15 different online scratch games. Don’t forget to check out the classic games Fruityreels casino has to offer. Who doesn’t like the original casino games right? Fruityreels casino is called ‘fruityreels’ for a reason. The fruity slots are amazing. Our favourite fruity slots are Simply Wild, Hellraider and the well-known Random Runner. These three slots are a lot of fun and you can make some big money on these slots. Random Runner is probably the best game ever made. The older people among us will definitely remember Random Runner, it was one of the first slots in every casino. Gives a nostalgic feeling. The games at Fruityreels casino are in one word: amazing! We recommend everyone to give the website a quick visit and enjoy the games the casino has to offer.

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Fruityreels Casino Information: Bonuses

This part of the general information is probably the most important. You guys all want to know everything about the great bonuses Fruityreels casino has to offer. The bonus from a casino is what breaks or makes a casino. We can assure you that the bonus  Fruityreels casino has to offer is a maker. Making a registration at Fruityreels casino is done very quickly. You can easily make an account, after you want to withdrawal your winnings you must fill in additional personal information. After 2 minutes, you made an account and then you can really start the fun. Right away you’ll receive a €5,- no deposit bonus.

However, that’s not all. You’ll also notice that you received a free scratch card in your inbox. So, you don’t have to make a deposit to win money. What do you want more? We were very lucky and already won €100,- with the no deposit bonus and the scratch card.  This no deposit is a great way to learn Fruityreels casino and get comfortable with the menu and lay-out. There is more! Fruityreels casino also offers a deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is 25%, this means that for every €200,- you’ll receive a bonus of €50,-. Be careful the deposit bonus has maximum of €62,50.

Maximum Fruityreels Casino Bonus

This means that you should not deposit more than €250,-. If you deposit more than €250,- you still receive a bonus €62,50. This 25% is a bit low compared to other casino’s, however the wagering requirements are very favourable. You only have to wager the bonus 5 times. At other online casino’s the wager requirements are often around 30 times. Fruityreels casino has the best wagering requirements we have seen so far.

Fruityreels casino tries to be very connected with their players. Every week you’ll receive emails with free spins and promotions. The more you play at Fruityreels casino, the more promotions you’ll receive. Fruityreels casino offers a ‘consolation card’, this we haven’t seen at any other casino. People who were very unlucky at the slots and tables, are eligible to receive this card. With this card, it’s possible that you can get the money back you have betted at the slots/tables.  This an unique thing and exceptionally generous from Fruityreels casino.

Fruityreels casino also offers a loyalty program for the most valued customers. The more you play the more points you’ll receive. The loyalty program works with levels. The higher your level the more promotions and free stuff you’ll receive. Beginning Fruityreels players will receive €1,- if they reach a new level. Loyal players will receive somewhere between the €10,- and €25,- if they achieve a higher level. It’s also possible to receive free spins if you achieve higher levels.  We spend a lot of time at the bonus section, because we think the bonus is the most important part of the online casino. The bonus from Fruityreels casino is definitely worth checking out.

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Fruityreels casino offer some extra’s that other casinos don’t always offer. We already mentioned the nostalgic feeling you get with this casino’s, but that is not the only extra. Fruityreels casino made sure you can bet with really small amounts. You can bet with €0,10 and still be in the run for the jackpot, be careful this is only possible at the slots! At the tables, the minimum amount you have to wager slightly higher. Compared to other casino’s €0,10 is very low, at most casino’s you have to play with at least €0,50.  Every month Fruityreels casino adds 1 or 2 games.

These new games are very modern and from a high quality. We had a lot of fun with the game bandit rabbits. They just added that game and the pay-out percentages were very high. We made a lot of money! Other games you should definitely check out are Snow White, 3 Little Pigs and Aladdin. These games are based on the fairy-tales we all know. The games Galaxy and Disco Fever are the futuristic games from Fruityreels casino, also worth checking out.

100% Safe and Secure

Normally we don’t mention the trustworthy in the general information but at Fruityreels casino we can consider the trustworthy from Fruityreels casino as an extra. Fruityreels casino has a genuine gambling license in Malta. This is one of the most reliable licenses at this moment. Your personal information is safe with Fruityreels casino. The website is established with a secure SSL-connection. Your personal information will be encrypted and stored in a secured database. You only have to share your personal information if you want to make a withdrawal. At the registration point no sensitive information is required.

Withdrawals are made very quickly. Within 48 hours the money will be transferred into your bank account. Fruityreels casino also has a live chat, which is available 24 hours a day. If you have any problems whatsoever you can contact the live chat, they’ll respond very quickly. The employees are very kind and helpful.

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We’ll also wright a review for Fruityreels casino. This review will be very specific for each critical point. Our general conclusion is that Fruityreels is a great online casino. The bonuses they offer are more than generous and very good compared to other casino’s. The games which Fruityreels casino offers are from outstanding quality and very unique. The website is not tacky at all and the lay-out is basic but nice. Withdrawals are done very quickly and the customer service is there for you if you experience any problems. Fruityreels casino is one of the best casino’s we have rated so far. We recommend checking out the website Good luck and have fun playing!

Why Fruityreels?

Fruityreels Welcome Bonus

When a player subscribes at Fruityreels he or she gets a no deposit bonus of €5,00. No deposit means that you don’t have to make a money transfer from your bank to the casino. With this FREE €5,00 you can play for real at the Fruityreels Casino. Besides this €5,00 No Deposit Bonus, every new player gets a scratchcard for free! Another chance to win some free money!

Weekly FREE bonuses at Fruityreels

If you are subscribed at the Casino, you will get a 2 time weekly bonus credited to your account. Every Tuesday and Friday morning every player gets a nice gift from the house. How much bonus a player gets depends on how frequent you play! The Fruityreels bonus has to be wagered only 10 times. This is very easy compared to other online casinos. The winnings after wagering can be requested for payout very easily!

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More Fruityreels bonuses

Every player automatically plays with a “Level up” system. The more frequent you play, the higher level you get. The higher the level, the more FREE money you get! Beginning players will get €1,00 per Level Up, for more frequent players this even can be up to €5,00 – €10,00 – €25,00. This FREE frequent player money will be added to your Bonusmoney balance at this online casino. After 10 times of wagering the Bonusmoney will be credited to your Realmoney balance! And if you are lucky you won some nice extra money too! Were you unlucky? Than Casino gives you a consolation prize sometimes!

Withdraw / Payout bonus money

The money a player wins with all these bonuses, can be requested for a payout very easy. The money will, after 10 times of wagering, be transferred to your bankaccount within 48 businesshours. The only thing you have to do for this, is a 1 time deposit of €10,00. Just to verify you bank account and nothing more!Fruitreels Casino |