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Would you like to gamble at an online casino which is different from that of others? Then know that the PlayGrand Casino is a real winner between the many casino sites that you can find on our bonus information site. If we look at PlayGrand Casino for this PlayGrand Casino Review, at first sight it seems you are dealing with a gambling site for high-rollers.

Yet this is not entirely the case because you can also go to PlayGrand Casino with the lesser amounts. At first sight we end up on a well-organized website, where different bonuses can be found for gambling. That makes us happy already!

Safety during playing is guaranteed at PlayGrand Casino

Before we create an account at an online casino for gambling, we always think it’s important to know whether a casino is legal. We look at the licenses that are publicly available and the information that is displayed on all kinds of well-known inspection agencies. At PlayGrand Casino we find a gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission. They have therefore checked this casino on the basis of the European applicable requirements. In addition, they have given their approval for this casino to be able to offer online games of chance. This means that you, as a player at PlayGrand Casino, end up in a safe gaming environment. There, your data is handled in a neat way and fair odds are offered on all games to win money. Safety is assured!

Receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit

The most interesting thing that we from searched for is the welcome bonus that can be received at a casino. When we saw the welcome bonus from PlayGrand Casino we were a little bit shocked. There are not just a few hundred euros in bonus available at this casino, but you can get yourself up to €1000 in welcome bonuses at the PlayGrand Casino. Very interesting, but this requires a registration first. So if you do not have an account with PlayGrand Casino, sign up today. As soon as you log in and deposit money for the first time, you can receive the welcome bonus. This is done by the casino on a 100% basis, which means that your first deposit will be doubled immediately

Gambling with a total of 100 free spins

Although the casino bonus described above is certainly interesting, there is more. The PlayGrand Casino has chosen to also give away free spins. If you are logged in with a new account you will also be entitled to this after a deposit. In total, the casino will provide you with 100 free spins to gamble with. What is the benefit of these free spins? You can let the reels of a slot machine run without it costing you money. Winning real money in this way at PlayGrand Casino is also completely free!

Play with an interim casino bonus

If you thought PlayGrand Casino had finished giving bonuses with just the welcome bonus, then you are wrong. When you go to PlayGrand Casino more often you will see that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all kinds of different reload bonuses are given, with which you can get an X number of percents extra when you deposit money at the casino as an interim upgrade. Of course you can also take advantage of Deposit bonuses on a deposit during weekends and they easily give free spins to the loyal players to play on certain video slots or slot machines.

Play on different software games

The game range that we have tested at PlayGrand Casino certainly meets our expectations. You can go here to play more than a few hundred games, which come from various reputable developers. The advantage of this is of course that you know that the quality is guaranteed both graphically and sound technically for everyone. On the other hand, with the developers listed below, you always have the certainty that you have a high diversity of game themes, so that you can always find a game of chance that matches your personal interests.


Developer Netent is of course known as the largest producer on the market of the online casino. Where everything started in Sweden, the gambling games from Netent are now spread all over the world at online casinos, where they can be played both online and mobile. What many people find special about Netent’s gambling games is the fact that they always guarantee high quality in terms of games. Moreover, you can count on high payout percentages that can run up to 97% per game. The vast majority of the bets placed on games from this developer will therefore simply be returned to the players.


The second developer we encountered at PlayGrand Casino is Betsoft. They are also well known on the market and are therefore mainly found in the slot category. What makes the Betsoft slot machines so special is the fact that you will mainly have to deal with 3D slots to place your bets on. Moreover, just like on the gambling games from Netent, you can also play the Betsoft casino games directly on computers and mobile devices, so it certainly is accessible.

NextGen Gaming

Within the game range the latest developer you will meet at PlayGrand Casino is producer NextGen Gaming. This is certainly not the least. Also this developer is mainly focused on the release of slots and now also has dozens of games available. The game themes that you can enjoy from NextGen are very variable and are therefore a very welcome addition to the gambling assortment that is available to win prizes.

Win high prizes on jackpot slots

PlayGrand Casino Review: Are you a fan of high prices? Then you may have already played on different jackpot slots on the internet or at a physical casino. If you want to win a jackpot at PlayGrand Casino, you should know that you can go to the jackpot games from Netent for this. Famous names such as Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Hall of God and Cosmic Fortune are here with progressive jackpots. The advantage here is that no fixed amounts will be won in a progressive system. As a player you are a part of the jackpot. A certain percentage of each bet is added to the jackpot amount. This will increase the height thereof. Of course, this applies to every bet. It means that the jackpots of popular slots usually rise faster than those of the games that are played less often.

Play at the live casino

PlayGrand Casino Review: A very unique experience at PlayGrand Casino is the possibility to gamble live. You always play with the real games dealer at the gaming table. This will allow you to bet as if you walked into a land-based casino. The game range of the PlayGrand live Casino is very unique. This is due to the fact that you find more games than just roulette, blackjack and baccarat only. Gambling against a dealer is also possible if you opt for live Keno or live Lotto. Important to know is that when playing a live casino game you are always bound to a maximum time for betting. You do not have all the time to make a commitment.

Easy mobile and online gambling

The PlayGrand Casino website is not only suitable for computers or laptops. In this mobile era, the site was also developed for use on a smartphone or tablet. When you play at PlayGrand Casino you can go anywhere thanks to this website. This is because it will immediately adapt to the image format of the device you are about to play with. Advantageously, you have no obligations to install apps. Without downloads you can immediately start in the browser to win prizes. Mobile gambling is possible via the online site 24/7, and you will always be allowed to use the same account. A very good point in this PlayGrand Casino Review.

PlayGrand Casino Review: Try out Free Casino Games

Now that you, because of our PlayGrand Casino Review, know that at PlayGrand Casino you can not only play online but also mobile it’s time to explain how you can try out free casino games. As a player you have no obligation to have an account at PlayGrand Casino. Almost all casino games offered at this gambling site can also be opened for free. If you do this, this means that you will be able to start with a virtual balance. This gives you the opportunity to practice all game rules of a specific game of chance first. Without the risk of losing, you can easily become familiar with a gaming environment and later play for money. Do you not want to use your own money at all? Know that playing games without obligations 24/7 is a possibility.

Deposit with several methods!

To play for money at a casino like that of PlayGrand, you always have to have your own account. If this is the case, you can add an amount with different methods starting at €10 euros. A transaction at PlayGrand Casino can always be done with iDeal from your own Dutch account. Moreover, other methods can also be used to complete your deposit safely. Think of options like VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, PaySafeCard or Neteller. All methods that you can use continuously at times when it suits you. Transactions will thereby be completed through an SSL connection. Moreover, you will see that you always have the money available in your credit immediately after a deposit and you will be able to play immediately from that moment on.

Gambling on games of chance with your own money

If you want to play for money at PlayGrand Casino you can read above how you can add money. Once this is successful you can always play different bets on the games of PlayGrand Casino. Placing a bet is not only possible with high amounts, but also if you want to play with the smaller amounts. Stakes can, for example, already be placed on the slots from just 1 euro cent. If you want to play with more money, many games will allow you to bet hundreds and even thousands of euros at the same time. Which bet you ultimately choose to gamble with can be determined entirely by yourself. The most important thing is that at PlayGrand Casino you look at the budget you have. Moreover, of course you do not take unnecessary risks. Not even when it comes to receiving the highest possible bonus!

Customer service for players

The last is the customer service you can find at PlayGrand Casino. The customer service that is present is, in our opinion, well constructed. There are different ways to contact them. We ourselves, while writing this PlayGrand Casino Review, have found that you are always addressed in a quick and friendly way. The customer service of PlayGrand Casino is available 24/7 and always offers you the possibility to send an email.

On the other hand, at this casino you also have the option to chat live with an employee. For this the chat now button is present at the bottom right of the site. If you click there you can be directly connected to an employee after completing a short form. The advantage is that you can ask several questions in succession. Do you get an answer and this raises even more questions? Then the live chat is the ideal option!

Conclusion of this PlayGrand Casino Review is that the the PlayGrand Casino definitely deserved a top 25 ranking in our Casino Top 25! You can visit the Casino Top 25 here!