Fruityreels Review

Fruityreels Review

In this article, we’ll give a detailed review about Fruityreels casino. Fruityreels casino is one of the best casino’s we have seen so far. On all the individual sections, they score high points. Especially the ease of use from the website in combination with the advantage conditions of the welcome bonus, are very good. Don’t forget the amazing amount of games Fruityreels casino has to offer. All the games are from an outstanding quality, made by a high-end game maker. Fruityreels casino is one of the most reliable casino’s in de industry, customers can expect their withdrawal to be done within a short amount of time and will normally experience no problems whatsoever. Do you want to know more about Fruityreels casino? For more information, read the full Fruityreels review below.

Welcome Bonus (8.5)

The welcome bonus is probably the most important section from the whole Fruityreels review. The welcome bonus from Fruityreels casino is one of the best bonuses we have seen so far. Despite the lower percentage bonus, you’ll receive after making a deposit, the conditions from the wager requirements are amazing. Let’s start with the details. After you register at Fruityreels casino you’ll receive a message in your inbox with €5,- free money. With this free money, you can enter all the games and slots Fruityreels casino has to offer.

The €5,- you receive is called a no deposit bonus, to be eligible for this money you don’t have to make any deposit whatsoever. The free gifts don’t stop there. You also receive a free scratch card. With the scratch card, you can win some nice prices. We even won €100,- with the free scratch card. Fruityreels casino also offers a deposit bonus. The deposit bonus percentage is 25%. This means that for each €100,- you deposit you’ll receive €25,- as a bonus. The maximum amount you can receive as a bonus is €62,50. These means that depositing more than €250,- will not generate extra bonus money. So, if you make a deposit to receive the first welcome bonus, make sure you make a deposit of €250,-.

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Maximum Fruityreels Welcome Bonus

With this amount, you’ll get the maximum bonus money possible. We have seen higher percentages bonus amounts at other online casino however not with the same conditions Fruityreels casino has to offer. The wager requirements for the bonus are 5 times. This means that if you have wagered the bonus money 5 times you can withdrawal it from your account to your bank account. At other casinos, these wager requirements lay more often around 30. Fruityreels casino tries to relate to their players. Over the weeks you’ll receive different emails from Fruityreels casino with the offers for the following week. The emails are not spam, they just want to keep you informed with the nice offers.

The more you play at Fruityreels casino the more promotions you’ll get. So, play a lot and receive more offers. Fruityreels casino offers a ‘consolation card’. Players who have an unlucky day can receive this consolation card. With this consolation card, you will get some of the money back that you lost. A very generous offer from Fruityreels casino, that we haven’t seen so far.

Live Casino (0.0)

One of the negative aspects of Fruityreels casino is that they don’t offer a live casino. A live casino contributes to the atmosphere of the casino as a whole. We had contact with customer service of Fruityreels casino. They told us the casino is working on a live casino. We as quality casinos strongly advised that the live casino should come as soon as possible. The customer service assured us that the live casino will be coming soon. This review will be adapted as soon as the live casino is added to the assortment.

Mobile Casino (9.0)

The mobile casino from Fruityreels casino offers great accessibility for all the mobile users. The website is designed and programmed with great care to make sure that the users experience friendliness, great looks and high-quality games. More and more people play games on their phone. Internet connections through Wi-Fi are better each day. With the new 4G and even 5G connections, Wi-Fi has become very fast and mobile website are therefore undeniable. A lot of mobile devices do not support flash player. Therefore, Fruityreels casino made sure all the mobile games can be played at many devices as possible. The games are built up from the ground using the latest technologies. You don’t have to choose between your favourite game, and favourite device. It’s an all-in-one deal! So, take your mobile and check out the website from Fruityreels right away.

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Games Variety (10.0)

Despite not having a live casino, Fruityreels casino offers a great amount of different games. All the games are from a high quality. The great thing about Fruityreels casino is the nolgastic feeling the casino brings. They don’t have all the futuristic games some other casino’s do offer. However, it can also be seen as pro. They offer all the original games a casino should offer. Blackjack, poker, baccarat, scratch cards, slots and even more. As always, the quality-casinos test team tested a few games from Fruityreels casino. The games the quality-casinos test team likes the most are ‘Snow white’, ‘3 Little pigs’ and ‘Aladdin’. These games are fairy-tale games, and bring back the real feeling of the fairy-tales. You should check them out.  The slots Fruityreels casino offers are also a lot of fun and are from an outstanding quality.

Fruityreels Review: Reliability (8.0)

Fruityreels casino is one of the most reliable casino’s there is. The headquarters of Fruityreels casinos is established in Malta. Nowadays Malta is one the best countries to be with online casino’s. The laws and rights are very advantageous for online casino’s. Fruityreels casino has an official license in Malta. We found out while making this Fruityreels Review that Your personal information is safe at Fruityreels casino. The website is a secure SSL-connection. This means that no one can access your information, only those who are authorized to. Personal information is encrypted and stored in a secured database. Furthermore, you only have to give your bank account information when you want to make a withdrawal. Overall Fruityreels casino is reliable and you never have to worry about hackers capturing your personal information.

Atmosphere (8.0)

The website from Fruityreels casino is very cosy and not so different compared to the atmosphere from physical casinos. The layout from the website is very stylish and normal. You could say: ‘less is more’. Other casinos often have these bright coloured layouts seeking for attention. This might enjoy some people but we at quality-casinos really appreciate the relaxed layout Fruityreels casino has chosen. No bright colours, only black and white. Also, there won’t be thrown any bright coloured banners into your face. Just a few small banners with purple colours.

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Ease of use (9.0)

Overall the website is very easy to use. The buttons at the website are easy to find, also are all the games. The only negative thing we can wright here is that the website doesn’t offer a search button. So, if you want to play your favourite game you have to look for it by hand. This will cost a few extra seconds but is not really a big deal. Just a great website and very convenient.

Withdraws / Pay-outs (8.0)

There is nothing negative about the pay-outs from Fruityreels casino. Pay-outs are done within 48 hours. We didn’t experience any problems while making a withdrawal. The withdrawal that we made was even done within 24 hours. So, you don’t have to be suspicious when making a withdrawal. It will be done quickly and correct.

Customer Service (8.0)

The customer service from Fruityreels casino is more than fine. Making this Fruityreels Review we had a long conversion with the customer service from Fruityreels casino. They were very kind and responded immediately. We experienced some problems with a certain game from the casino. Our testteam contacted the customer service and they fixed the problem within a few minutes. We also had contact with other users from the website. They told us they didn’t experience any problems with the customer service whatsoever.

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Loyalty Program (VIP) (8.0)

Not all the casino’s offer a loyalty program, but Fruityreels casino certainly does. Fruityreels casino has a very nice loyalty program that we will discuss in detail in this section. The general concept is that when you play more you’ll receive more loyalty points. With these points, you achieve certain levels. The higher level the more free money you’ll receive when achieving a next level. You begin as a ‘beginner yellow member and when you are above level 20 you receive the status ‘exlusive platinum member’. For the exact free money and member levels check out the table below.

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Fruityreels review conclusion:

With the loyalty program, we end the review from Fruityreels casino. Overall a great casino which has a lot to offer. The Quality-casinos test team were very lucky and earned some great money while playing at Fruityreels casino. You should check out the Fruityreels casino at their website Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!