Online Slot Machines

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Online Slot Machines

The Quality Casino’s Testteam is trying to play as much different online slot machines as possible in an online casino. When we play an online slot machine we have to admit, we miss the feeling of a real 1-arm-bandit-handle a little bit. But we don’t have to deal with the crowdie casinos, the full parking lots, or the person next to you who is winning even more than you do ;). Conclusion: Online casino slot machines are very very hot and you can earn a lot of real money without moving your ass.

Quality Casino’s found out that there are a lot of different online slots available. Everywhere you look you can find Video slot machines, Classic slot machines, Jackpot slot machines, 3-reel slot machines, 5-reel slot machines and bonus slot machines. Almost every online casino does have a VIP program where you can earn nice prices and bonuses just for playing at their casino.

Types of Online Slot Machines

3-reel slot machines

The three-reel slot machines have 3 reels. The 3-reel slot machine does only have 1 winline and they are basicly the most basic online slot machines. But you are still able to win big though.

Multi-line slot machines

A multi-line slot machine does also have 3 reels, but they have multiple winlines which (5, most of the times). Which offers you more chances to win.

Video slot machines

Video slot machines are really revelutionary developed last years. Software giants like for example Netent and Microgaming are designing the most fancy online slot machines! Bonusgames, Freespins, Scattering, Random wins, nothing is too crazy!

Jackpot slot machines

Jackpot slot machines are connected to a general jackpot, or have their own jackpot. Every online casino gives the player the oppertunity to select which kind of jackpot slot he or she wants to play. Slot Machine Jackpots can reach amounts of millions and millions of Euro’s.

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines are basicly slot machines which became digital. These slots where available in all the “offline” casino’s and with the development of the online casino’s those “1 arm bandits” went digital.

5-reel slot machines

Five reel slot machines are more advanced than the 3 reel slot machines are. More options, more gameplay, more chances to win and various designs.

Bonus slot machines

Bonus slot machines offer, most of the times, free bonus spins. Which can be activated by scoring 3 scatters (wild or on 1 line),  which give you an extra chance to win big without risking your moneybalance or bet extra money. Some slot machines have multiple bonus games in their gameplay.

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Probably Online slots machines are the most popular way of gambling on the whole Internet. But keep in mind that online slot machines are a game of luck and chance, so no skills are required to win. It is really hard to play strategically on slot machines. For us, but it can be occasionally, it worked to raise our bets when we were in a winning streak. But Quality Casino’s won’t ever advise you to do this.

Online Slot Machine Tournaments

Another nice way to play online slot machines in online slot machine tournaments. These tournaments are very popular at the moment. A lot of online casinos are offering this way of gambling. You can earn with small bets a nice amount of money, because you play against a lot of other players who have to place the same small bet.

These tournaments are giving fun and excitiement and sometimes there are really crazy money prizes available. Quality Casino’s found out that some online casinos have prizes ranging from €5,000 and €25,000. You can even win a cash prize when you will end up second or third in the particular tournament.  A good example for such slot machine tournaments is

Online slot tournaments are basicly open to anyone who is a player of the particular online casino. You’ll usually getting notified of an upcoming online slot machine tournament by email or a text message. Another possibility could be of course by pop up messages in the casino lobby.

Online slot tournament are quickly full of players and once they are 100% filled no one else can join. So be quick and keep your eyes open. There are also “late subscription” tournaments, which you can join even after the tournament started.

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Progressive Slot Machines

Another nice way to play online slot machines is to play progressive slot machines. This type of slot machines is a kind of network of slot machines. A lot of slot machine games are connected to each other. Every online casino can give you a nice overview of those particular games. Most of the times it is very easy to select them in the casino lobby. So some slot machines are are connected electronically. A percentage of every spin will be added to this progressive jackpot. If a player hits the jackpot, it will start over again. Sometimes you have to place maximum bet to make a chance of winning this jackpot. So read the requirements before.

Gambling rules

Please remember that playing online slots is really fun, but at the end it’s still gambling. Never, never, never risk more money than you can afford.  Turn off your laptop, mobile phone or tablet for the night if you’re having a losing streak. With a fresh mind it is always better to play online slot machines. Never drink and gamble AND Never take drugs and Gamble!