UK banks will block Gambling transactions

Two Brittish banks are able to offer people a nice tool to reduce their gambling activity. From now on they can block gambling transactions.

Gambling too much?

So when you’re thinking you are gambling a little too much this might be a great solution. The services are provided by the online banks Monzo and Starling. Both of them are pretty new in this world and they online provide their services by the internet and mobile apps.

In the apps of Monzo and Starling people will be able to setup some kind of a firewall against all Gambling, Sportsbetting and Lotery banktransactions. From now on you won’t be able to spend one single penny in an Online Casino. The service will be 100% free of charges.

Gambling blocking service –> Block gambling transactions

Monzo and Starling will recognize the transaction which can be connected to a variable of Gambling. This works with a code, every banktransaction has a code, if you do some groceries or if you buy a train ticket, every transaction-segment has his own unique code. So pretty easy to block one, if you ask us!

In addition of this online blocking tool, it will be possible to setup a daily ATM withdrawal limit. This tool can protect you from offline gambling or sportsbetting. According to the words of this banks, already a lot of people are using one of those tools.

25.000 people subscribed the blocking service

Monzo’s CEO told to the BBC that this service was developed because their clients asked them to do. They have a “special force” to help their vulnerable clients and those clients told them that this solution was one of their biggest wishes.

Already 25.000 people subscribed for this special blocking tool since June 2018. Those people weren’t only the vulnarable people, but also 8.000 people who placed a little bet in the past.

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